When McCain picked Palin to be his running mate, the world erupted with praise and conservative orgasms. Then, when the light of truth was shined on her, well, we all know the rest. Natal is the same fucking thing. Vaporware meant to prevent new Wii customers.


Hate being right

18 May 2009

OK, love being right. I said Capcom was going to totally piss all over the Bionic Commando name with their 3D “hardcore gamer” update, and they did. Awful title. Indicative of how sick the industry is when it comes to innovation and bowing down to the vocal minority hardcore crowd.


8 May 2009

How come when people talk about the Wii’s lack of games, and how it’s only being propped up by Nintendo titles, the conversation is all about “impending failure,” and when they do the same for the PSP, which is literally only alive in Japan because of Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G, it’s “about to turn the corner”?

Bionic Commando

30 April 2009

Is going to be atrocious. Did Capcom lose a bet with another publisher or something?

I wonder if the video games “press” will be as vocal about the silly “PSP Go!” name as they were with the Wii? That was a rhetorical question.

Warm fuzzy thoughts

8 April 2009

Remember when Ctrl+Alt+Del was worth reading?

New Sony PR line: The DSi is for kids. Did you know PSP has Hannah Montana?

Wonderful news out of GDC this week! Microsoft is hard at work on the next Xbox, and could give a shit what developers–you know, the guys who design the games–think about it.

“I get the impression they’re focusing on owning the living room,” said Warren Spector. “One device that lets you watch movies, television and play games and music and all that stuff.

Imminent fail achievement, unlocked!

This attachment was cooked and ready at E3 last year, and now it’s conspicuously absent from anything and everything Ninty puts out these days. What’s the deal?

My guess: It’s not the hardware that’s the problem, it’s the software. Dozens of developers and publishers are clamoring to grovel at Nintendo’s feet right now after backing the wrong horse for the past two years, and I imagine a large part of what they’re saying to Nintendo is “let us develop some games for you and this MotionPlus thing.”

Meanwhile, Wii Sports Resort will blow them all away anyway.

Seriously. Can I become an analyst now? This guy literally only exists because of lazy blog reporting. His “analysis,” such as it is, consists of little more than red meat quotes for small minded people. He’s been wrong, literally, about pretty much everything relating to video games for the past three years. Douche.